Psychro Cave is an ancient Minoan sacred cave in Lasithi plateau  in eastern Crete.  Psychro or Diktaion Antron is considered to be the birth place of Zeus. According to Hesiod, Rhea gave birth to Zeus in that cave in secret to protect him from his father Cronus. The cave is located 10 minutes walking from Psychro at an altitude of 1025 m.

At the entrance there is a hall. On the floor of the hall there are rocks from excavations while others have fallen from the top. In the chambers you may see stalagmite complexes and stalactites. There is also a marvelous water lake which has water all year round.  The cave is full od various shapes that resembles animals  or humans, that probably have been used as worship objects. Also the lower cave hosts different kinds of bats and arthropods.


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